Photography by Brian Michael Bradley

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While I do photograph a wide variety of situations, let's focus primarily on headshots, that's why you're here, right?

1.) What should I wear?

  • Wear something that is flattering to your skin tone, and non distracting (no whites, no loud colors, no loud patterns, NO LOGOS) Men are best portrayed wearing a nice sport shirt, sweater, sport coat, while woman produce great photography wearing simple blouses and sweaters, not sleeveless pls.

2.) What about hair and makeup?

  • For women light natural make up is preferred, this is NOT glamour photography. We want to capture a nice, friendly, warm image that represents who you are to the casting agents. A natural non distracting hair style is preferred as well, please bring some hair product for 'fly a ways'.

  • A VERY SPECIAL NOTE TO THE LADIES: please don't 'over manage' your hair. Casting Directors and Modeling Agencies want to see what you look like.  If an agent or producer wants to see pictures of you with a 'big processed hair' they will pay for those shots to be taken. Please come with clean natural hair that you are comfortable with. Bring hair product for stray hair. This is NOT the eighties, this is NOT a high fashion shoot :)

  • For men, a fresh haircut is recommended. Clean, non wrinkled shirts, fresh shave are recommended as well.

  • Both sexes: get plenty of rest. these shots are important, or you wouldn't be doing this... right?

3.) What do Casting Directors want?

  • That's really pretty simple actually, a Casting Director wants what anybody wants, they want their problems to go away! And what a Casting Directors needs to make a problem go away  is a clear honest representation of an actor that they can use to SELL AN ACTOR TO A PRODUCER, to fill that slot and resolve one issue in an over-busy life.

  • I've been around actors and agents and photographers for over 25 years, and I listen when they talk. Actors want roles. Producers want roles filled and Casting Directors want to fill roles... just like one big happy family.

  • Headshots that sell actors are honest, clear and well produced representations of that person, whether they be commercial or dramatic.

  • It's paramount that you look your best. Forget about any drama in your life and get focused on your future. As an actor prepare yourself with a story line to 'live' during the shoot.

  •  The camera is a 'mind reader', if you are uncertain and nervous this is what the camera will capture and what the images will reflect, a nervous uncertain person. Modern productions cost huge amounts of money and producers want confident actors they can trust to perform. Build a confident, dynamic, warm and friendly character in your mind and then 'play' that character during the shoot.

4.) Pricing Structure

  • Right now I'm charging $150 for 2 simple looks, don't worry, basic HEADSHOTS are simple, easy and fun! :)

  •  Yes, you can find less expensive photographers and yes some are more expensive. You'll find the less expensive photographers know exactly what their work is worth.

  • The expensive shooters tend to produce more photography than you can use to justify their prices. YOU NEED ONE GREAT SHOT that sells!

  • Why in the heck would you want 400 images to sort through that will be 'outdated' before you can even use them all?

  • What I can do is get you 'IN THE ROOM' with imagery that sells you. Once you're 'in the room' it's up to you to act your ass off and land the gig :)

5.) And what about prints?

  • I use Paul at Choice Photo Lab* in Hollywood. He's a great printer, I've been using him for 12 years. Paul puts out great prints at a great price, last time I spoke with him it was $6 for the first print with multiples $1 each. (that's per image) So 30, totally awesome professionally printed on 'photo paper' images will cost $35 + tax.

  • Why get 300-400 images printed if you don't need them? Why not just print what you need, when you need it? This way you can also change images without getting stuck with 250 outdated headshots. :)

*If you want I can email the imagery straight to the Paul for ya

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