Photography by Brian Michael Bradley

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about me & the 818 HEADSHOT process:

you'll notice this about me right away:

1.) I'm a competent/efficient photographer

2.) I'm really, really not a web-designer

3.) I look really mean in pictures (I'm not though)

Other than that not much to tell. worked in film and TV for about 16 years in set lighting, working my way up to lighting director. Now I'm a photographer. Been shooting for like 12+ years, just about anything I could get in front of my lens. I really like shooting people (hey wait a minute!) I mean I really like photographing people and love photographing faces. Portraits and Head Shots, especially in natural light.

Here's how my process works best. First I find out EXACTLY what you want/need. That's the most important part of any shoot. You need to leave my shoot knowing that you have what it takes to advance your agenda,  whether it be headshots for a casting, an image for your website or office or just some nice pics for your mom or your favorite social site. If I can't meet your needs, I'll tell you right away and then refer you to some one that can.

We'll shoot in a room I have set up ESPECIALLY FOR NATURAL LIGHT. I am open to other areas such as the beach, the mountains or the desert HOWEVER my commute 'time' MUST be compensated.

Usually doesn't take long to shoot one look, 5-6 minutes or so. After shooting we'll go over the photography, decide if we have produced the imagery you need, if not we'll produce more photography.  Then when WE ARE SATISFIED with the photography, we'll sit down and set the photography up for print, INCLUDING  clean up in Photoshop, borders and name for an 8x10 headshot.

Generally takes an hour, probably less for all the PHOTOGRAPHY, and post production. In this hour, we can get 2 solid looks .

You'll leave with 2-3 PROFESSIONALLY PRODUCED HEADSHOTS, for for immediate use as well ALL the imagery generated while you were present,  and a DVD with ALL THE IMAGES generated from the session. (you are under no obligation to have me post the imagery, several clients have taken the photography to other shops that they have long term relationships with)

As a professional photographer that has photographed over 3000 models and actors I can get a good, marketable performance into the lens from almost any 'reasonable/semi-intelligent/possibly-sane' person or weirdo.

More ACTOR HEADSHOTS recently produced by me.

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If you have any questions check the FAQ's or hit me with an email.

and one more thing I wanna get out there to you guys, and that's that if ya need photography gear of any sort go see Simon, Paul, Richard or Marvin at Simons Camera in Hollywood  (323) 463-8585)

'Life isn't about how to survive the storm but how to dance in the rain.'